Friday, January 24, 2014

LEATHER DADDY- Demo (2013)

Currently there are two Leather Daddy's existing in the dull US punk world. One of which comes from Richmond and has some sick merch designs and I'm sure sounds tight and the second Leather Daddy is from Boston! So for clarity, this demo is referring to LEATHER DADDY BOSTON PUNK STYLE Y2K KCSW Band.
this demo keeps growing on me every time I play it. At first I was just like 'ok yeah this is sweet' but then after the fifteenth time listening, it turned more into a "frick this is fricking rad as hell'. They definitely have that super punk meets New York Hardcore sound with a lot of treble and audible but snotty vocals. Their riffs are really mid tempo mosh style and catchy as fuck. "Get Out" is sooo good.
Other things that make this band sick:
-the bassist is only 16 which is so bad ass because younger people playing in sick bands doesn't happen enough. If I was playing in this good of a band when i was 16 I'd probably be a way cooler person now then I already am.
-this is a non dude band playing a style of music (specifically that catchy punk new york hardcore style punk) that is OVERWHELMINGLY dudez. hell yeah!
They are playing at SMASH IT DEAD FEST 2013 in Boston. Get frickin stoked.

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