Monday, January 13, 2014

NIGHTSHIFT- tour demo (2013)

There are a few things you should know about Nightshift. One of them is that they love weed. The second thing is that this band is absurdly attractive. They could cover ICP and people would probably still like it because watching this band play is seriously eye candy. Technically I've only seen them once with Boilerman and Peeple Watchin when PW went on tour back in september. After the show a bunch of us hung out and spent maybe thirty minutes swooning over all them trying to decipher if any of them were gay or not. Now, month's later, I can assure you that they all got some major flames inside them. But I digress.

Nightshift sounds like Superchuck and like a bunch of other indie power pop bands that people love. I think "Daley Plaza" is there best song particularly because they stray away from the common theme of most power pop songs (girls and more girls) and talk about rape culture and patriarchy. It feels rare these days to find indie rock/powerpop bands that make themselves explicitly political without coming off kitschy or embarrassing, but Nightshift is definitely doing something right if they can have shirts that say ACAB on them and also win everyones hearts over while they play too.

FFO: superchunk, cheap girls, promise ring, the valenteens, husker du


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