Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BIG HUSH- Discography

Big Hush is what you listen to when its four in the morning and you can't sleep because the street light outside is too bright. Or when you go to a coffee shop to do work but instead you spend 30 minutes looking out the window at the ice patches that formed in the puddles of mud on the sidewalk.

Big Hush is like if P.S eliot and My bloody Valentine got married and then both had to go to couples therapy. Big Hush is from Washington DC and includes members from the infamous Pygmy Lush. Their music is beautiful and I kind of want them to write a soundtrack for some mundane indie film that tells the story of a man who's dealing with writers block by unforeseen reasons but then he's finally is able to write but in the end gets hit by a bus and dies.

Some of their songs range from being more DIY poppy/indie rock (like the incredibly catchy "I do the talking") to straight up shoegaze (like "winner" which I have been listening to on repeat while I procrastinate from work). "Overgrown" kind of combines all these elements into one and is maybe one of the best non-punk songs I've heard in a long time. The chorus/main riff which comes in at :51 is one of those riffs that gives me shivers while I listen to it (and the subtle harmony is so perfect).

They're playing a show with Parasol in Richmond on January 21. I'm so excited to be able to see them for the first time.

FFO: Weed hounds, My Bloody Valentine, Swirlies, Slowdive,You Me and Us, Cousin Brian


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