Saturday, January 11, 2014

THUMBSUCKERS- Baby I'm just a​.​.​. Thumbsucker (2013)

Chicago outfit THUMBSUCKERS are some straight up blown out sweethearts. With half of the members living in Chicago's longstanding show space Albion House, Thumbsuckers have been reigning the north side. Alongside almost always putting on great and goofy show, their album art is always on point and perfect. Lo-fi Hardcore for the weirdo masses that kind of reminds me of some combo of School Jerks and The Nodes. But what do I know.

FFO: punk

ALSO check out: WELCOME TO THE MIDWEST, a year in review zine that Jack and Max from Thumbsuckers both take part in! Anddd Max's Eat the Life Records is pretty gnarly as well


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