Monday, February 10, 2014


So before I really started listening to Lumpy and the dumpers, I came across their music video for their song "sex pit". If you haven't watched it it kind of reminds me of if the makers of Ah! real monsters and Are you afraid of the dark? made an adult show.

I think the best way to describe Lumpy and the Dumpers is exactly what they put their tags as on bandcamp: "punk eel goo fuck you eat shit fucked up sic nasty meat slime Belleville". Coming from a town right outside of St. Louis, Lumpy and the Dumpers are just one of the many other bands holding down the fort for the midwest cranking in some bratty and sick ass punk. I personally am pretty into their schtick (I'm also a fucking weirdo) and think their name is randomly hilarious. Something that I assume most people have noticed by now is that US punk really loves snotty glue sniffing hella 1977 lo fi meets hardcore meets "I'm gonna fake vomit into this mic" sounding bands right now. Lumpy and the Dumpers are definitely in that category. It's cool, though, to see a band be kind of self reflexive of this and respond to it in an even campier/exaggerated manner. (Okay now everyone go read susan sontag's notes on camp and see how you can apply it to punk).

I just recently saw them with tenement in NWI and they definitely were maybe the most fun to watch. All their stuff is free on bandcamp. check it.

FFO: Nuke Cult, Vaginors


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