Sunday, January 12, 2014

NERVOUS CONDITION- Invisible (2013)

Nervous Condition is a political hardcore punk band hailing from Boston. Boston produces some of the best bands in punk right now and Nervous Condition is certainly no exception. My favorite thing about NC is Lily's incredible lyrics which, in my opinion, is a good enough reason to like them. But thankfully their riffs and over all sound is great too. Track 3, "Invisible", seems to be the best example of that fusion (that fucking break down!!). Invisible was recorded by Will Killingsworth which should certainly come to no surprise by how well recorded this LP is.

Nervous Condition doesn't play as many shows as I wish they did because all the members are in 12,000,000,000 other bands (such as Parasol, Peeple Watchin, Disipline, Shrew,Rash Tongue,etc). One of my favorite moments when seeing them was when this guy was moshing like a jerk during their set and Lily just pushed him out of the crowd without even pausing. I will forever support bands that actively a have a no tolerances for chumps code.

FFO: Won't Belong, Terminal Crisis, Bad Idea, Deathrats, Mountain Man-(someones gonna argue with me on this one but yolo)


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