Saturday, January 11, 2014

NANCY- LP (2013)

For the love of whats good on this earth please download this right now. I have no idea who is in this band but I hear theres some 5th cousin once removed shit going on and thats good enough for me. New York power pop Ramones-esque punk doing everything right. When I was a 14 yr old 77 wannabe I would have been obsessed with this band. Now almost 9 years later I am finally fulfilling my musical dreams by waking up every morning pogoing alone in my room while I listen to this S/T. Are you looking to finally add that perfect addition to that mix tape you've been meaning to give your crush for days now? Consider just giving them this tape instead. Or you can just put "I Want One" or "Midnite" on it if you wanna pose.

FFO: pogoing, ramones, the briefs, the richmond sluts, johnny thunder


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