Monday, January 13, 2014

RADIATOR HOSPITAL- Something Wild (2013)

Someone on Tumblr wrote about how they love Radiator Hospital because they capture everything they love about pop music. I couldn't agree more. They are so catchy and make my heart swell in the same way that my heart swells when I hold someones hand for the first time. Radiator Hospital's Something Wildwas released on Salinas Records in the summer of 2013 and reside in Philadelphia. Something Wild is probably their best album to date and shows how much they have matured their overall sound aesthetic (is that a used phrase?). Not to say that Mall of America or Some Distant Moon aren't also great but I always just think its really cool when bands just keep improving and getting better and better. This album seems to pick up where Distant Moon kind of left off- with even more melodious guitar parts and memorable lyrics.

One time this person that I started swooning over put "Loose Sight of you" on a mix that they made for me. But you know how you might get a mix from someone you like but you aren't totally sure if its a crush mix or just a mix? Whether it was a crush mix or not is still a mystery to me but I don't even really care anymore because that mix was what introduced me to this band and I've now been able to listen to that song on repeat a thousand times in my car over and over again. Babes are chumps. I'm just gonna crush on this band instead.

"When you feel sad I wanna be the one that sings the song stuck in your head/ Yeah I wanna sing the song that makes you forget everything that made you sad."

FFO: Waxahatchee, P.S Eliot, Swearin, High Dive, Bad Banana


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