Sunday, January 12, 2014

FAILED MUTATION- demo (2013)

Failed Mutation is a new band hailing from Milwaukee. Personally, I think Wisconsin is one of the best states ever but it seems to never get any cred for its greatness. Maybe Failed Mutation will change that. Fail Mutation is compromised of members from Tenement, Bored Straight, Holy Shit! and Uh Oh and is put out on Chicago's almighty Not Normal Tapes. Failed Mutation is what I wish Bikini Kill actually sounded like. I usually hate drawing comparisons with punks bands who have female vocalists to riot grrl because its often almost always a cop out and made as a generalization for any band with female (assumed) vocals (similar to how everyone and their moms say that female fronted hardcore bands sound like Punch-seriously everyone needs to stop that) but I feel like songs such as "the greatest quest" actually do remind me of some fusion between something I could easily hear from Slant 6 or Tribe 8 while also taking direct influence from early 80's hardcore (specifically from their drum parts). Failed mutation kind of draws these bridges between punk and aggressive styles from the riot grrrl movement in a way that feels unique while also incredibly palatable. While I certainly would categorize Failed Mutation as a hardcore band, I would definitely recommend this band for people who aren't into hardcore as well. This demo is seriously flawless.

FFO: Libyans, Negative Lifestyle, Twat Sauce, Nuclear Spring, early Circle Jerks, Deep Wound (demo includes a deep wound cover), Necros


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