Monday, January 13, 2014

BODY BETRAYAL- split cassette with Disparate (2012)

In a world where "queer punks" love to play cutesy pop music, Body Betrayal is a god damn breath of fresh air. No offense to the pop punk babe queerdos out there (you know who you are) but god damn I need more queers playing music that make me feel like my organs are slowly being ripped out of my body. Seattle's Body Betrayal is certainly not for the faint of heart and thank goodness for that. Combining both hardcore and grindcore elements, Body Betrayal thrashes through this six track sided cassette. While I must admit I'm not the very biggest fan of grind (more so i'm very picky about the grindcore that I like), Body Betrayal makes a really great effort at fusing these two genres. While "Apologies don't mean shit with yr fingers crossed" feels grind a fuck to me (them blast beats yo) they return to a more hardcore sound with the song "Desert" which is personally my favorite song on the cassette. But now that I think about it maybe "desert" is grind as fuck too? Hell I don't know. I guess what feels the most grind to me is the vocal styling and recording. It's very screamo-y while also recorded well enough to almost slightly hear what they're saying. The lyrics are also phenomenal, such as in the 53 second song "My Gender is Queer"- "i am a dream that hasn't been dreamt yet/ everyone's got a stake in my identity/but there are no words/to match my lived complexity". Fuck yeah.

Body Betrayal's EP is to be released this coming February, though I can't find any information as to if it will be self released or not. Here's hoping that they play Fed Up Fest.

FFO: Rape Revenge, +HIRS+, Cloud Rat, Bastard Deceiver


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