Monday, February 17, 2014

No Time - DEMO (2013)

I don't remember the last time that I had heard a band describe themselves as street punk. But when I was in high school I was really into that label. I remember being really proud that I was dating someone who loved cock sparrer and I would wear my blitz t shirt and it was just overall a pretty funny sight because i was/am such a poser.

Flash back 10+ years later and I still like both of those bands, a lot. No Time kind of pushes me back to those years but with a lot less leopard print. The song that sounds most street punk is track "Reprobate" where they end up yelling OI in unison at the beginning of the song. But really after that song the demo kind of traces back to some more post hardcore punk roots.I suppose, also,"City Dying"'s into and outro kind of sounds like something that would be in a Blitz song.

Anyways, No Time is upbeat and pogo worthy. With some combo of a bit of kitschy street punk/oi sound and aesthetic with post hardcore melodic punk, they rip through six songs. The vocals are screechy and tough as fuck and makes this demo come together in a really great way. I could only picture this band being hella fun to see live. Check it!

FFO: Warrior Tribes, Fucked Up,Blitz


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