Monday, February 17, 2014

Warrior Tribes/ Distract SPLIT (2013)

Distract and Warrior Tribes are two of Chicago's very own punk outfits that came together to make this split. Distract has been on my radar as by far one of the best bands to come out of Chicago's current scene but I had not actually taken the time to listen to this split until recently. Which is funny because now I would say that this release has probably my favorite Distract song of all time ("fresh air" has the best sound clips and meghan's voice is just so sick as hell. total mosher).

While Distract and Warrior Tribes certainly have two distinct tones to them, their styles accompany each other super well for a split such as this. Listening to both sides of this split just really works. While I'm always about bands who come together and sound nothing alike (like the Peeple watchin/ hits split!) I also get really excited when bands can release something that just blends in a really great and catchy way. I definitely feel like this split goes above and beyond in that category.

Warrior Tribes can be described as a kind of post hardcore/ kind of melodic catchy punk. They remind me a bit of Fucked Up and Paint it Black but with a bit of a warmer tone that is slightly reminiscent of some oi. All of those things together make for a super catchy band that can easily get stuck in your head (specifically "what we get". I keep singing that chorus to myself for days now!).

Additionally, the recordings are just really well done. I don't know much about that stuff, but I do know that Will at Dead Air is fantastic and has yet to go wrong in any way. And hearing these recorded songs makes me really want Warrior Tribes to re record their demo with better sound quality! (maybe thats not very punk to say).

Lastly the cover art is SO good. I wish I could have it on a shirt or a back patch. Someone convince these folks to make that!

FFO: canadian rifle, fucked up, distract, no truce,


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